What is Net Zero Energy?

Energiesprong is a new standard for guaranteed net zero energy use, high comfort and a smooth implementation process. A Net Zero Energy (NZE) house generates as much energy as is needed for heating the house, providing hot water and power its household appliances. The details of the entire standard are tailored to each market and differ on details. This can be achieved by using new technologies such as prefabricated facades, insulated rooftops with solar panels, and smart heating and cooling installations.

The Energiesprong standard makes a house not just look like a new-build home; it actually has better quality and life expectancy as a new house.

How to pay for an Energiesprong house?

An Energiesprong renovation (or new built) is financed in two ways: through energy cost savings from tenants and by reduced maintenance and repairs costs for housing associations. Both are part of the business case. The objective is that tenants have the same monthly expenses – they pay the housing association an energy service plan instead of the bill of the energy supplier. The housing association can now use this new income stream to pay for the renovation.

Before: tenant pays rent and utility bill

After: (part of) the energy bill is transferred to the housing organisation

In most markets (including the Netherlands) legislation needs to allow the conversion of the monthly energy bill into a so-called energy plan for the housing association.