The Netherlands

The Energiesprong network in The Netherlands is called ‘Stroomversnelling’ and originated from the earlier government funded Dutch innovation programme called Energiesprong, which aimed to create Net Zero Energy buildings on a large scale in the Netherlands. In 2013, Energiesprong brokered the “Stroomversnelling” deal between Dutch building contractors and housing associations to refurbish 111,000 homes to NZE. Two years later, Stroomversnelling became a market initiative designed to take NZE to the next level.

The Stroomversnelling network consists of contractors, component suppliers, housing providers, local governments, financiers, DSOs and other parties. Its objectives are to reduce the renovation costs of NZE refurbishments, increase occupants’ acceptance of these renovations and increase the momentum and pace of growth in the NZE housing market itself.

Net Zero Energy in Oud Vossemeer. By Volker Wessels/Stadlander


The Stroomversnelling network focusses on:


Stroomversnelling’s activities are funded by:


Mariska van Oudheusden


For further inspiration visit (Dutch). Here you will find all the Net Zero Energy projects that have already been built as well as new developments. News and projects that are interesting for all participating countries will be shared in English at

Watch the movie below to see how a Net Zero Energy make over is done in just one day by solution provider VolkerWessels.


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