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The State of New York is the first state in the USA that wants to invest in refurbishing houses and apartment buildings to net zero energy levels on a large scale.

For the coming 10 years the State has reserved 30 million dollars to develop a market for these affordable, sustainable and future proof retrofits. To make this happen an independent market development team is being set up by Nyserda that hosts the programme under the name RetrofitNY.

Garden style apartments, upstate New York

RetrofitNY is a cornerstone initiative of NYSERDA’s multifamily programs. Based upon the work of Energiesprong, RetrofitNY aims to revolutionize the building retrofit industry in New York starting with the affordable housing sector.

By adapting the Energiesprong process to conditions in the state, RetrofitNY will induce the architecture, engineering and construction industry to develop innovative technical solutions capable of transforming NY’s existing multifamily residential building stock into buildings that meet net zero levels of energy performance.

The ultimate goal of the RetrofitNY initiative is to develop a self-sufficient, private sector-based market for the implementation, at scale, of deep energy retrofit solutions that will greatly improve energy performance, health and comfort within existing affordable housing. This will offer building owners and regulators new strategies to preserve affordability and improve their buildings while combating climate change.


NYSERDA´s first focus point was to set up an independent market development team to create the market conditions in which net zero retrofits can scale. This starts with using affordable housing stock as a demand aggregator around which suppliers can innovate. At the same time finance and regulation options are considered.

The first requests for proposals for net zero energy retrofits should be released at the end of 2017, with the resulting retrofits constructed in 2018.

The state of New York has reserved 30 million dollars to set up the market development team and support of the first demonstrators.


Jasper van den Munckhof,

4-7 story walk ups in the Bronx, New York

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