About Energiesprong

Energiesprong is a revolutionary, whole house refurbishment and new built standard and funding approach. It originated in the Netherlands as a government-funded innovation programme and has set a new standard in this marketThe mission of Energiesprong International is to scale this approach to other markets.

Energiesprong uses the social housing sector in each market as the launching market for these solutions, with a view to later scale to the private home-owner market. The independent Energiesprong market development teams aggregate mass demand for high quality retrofits (and new built houses) in a market and creates the right financing and regulatory conditions in parallel. With this in place, solution providers can go into a quick and transformative innovation process to deliver against this new standard.

Currently, Energiesprong teams are active in France, the UK, Germany and New York State.  The independent Energiesprong team (Energiesprong Foundation) drives and coordinates the expansion and works with national delivery teams in each market.

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Energiesprong attracted two European funding lines contributing to executing this international expansion: A Horizon 2020 project (3.6 mln) and an Interreg North-West Europe project (5.4mln).

About Stroomversnelling

Stroomversnelling is the Dutch Energiesprong member-based network facilitating collaboration between  stakeholders to support projects in the Netherlands and drive improved regulation for these solutions. It evolved from Energiesprong, the Dutch innovation programme that kick-started the market for these large scale in the Netherlands.

The Stroomversnelling network consists of solution suppliers, component suppliers, housing associations, local governments, financiers, DSOs and other parties. Its aims to reduce the price of NZE renovations, increase occupants’ acceptance of these renovations and increase the growth pace of the market itself.

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About Transition Zero (supported by H2020)

Under the name Transition Zero, Energiesprong executes an EU Horizon 2020-funded project to set the right market conditions in the UK, France and Netherlands for the wide-scale introduction of Net Zero Energy homes in the social housing sector. The Transition Zero project focusses on:

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About E=0 (supported by Interreg NW-Europe)

The Interreg E=0 project supports the development of an initial set of demonstrators in the UK, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. This support consists of co-funding the first Energiesprong make-overs, expanding the movement in general and supporting the development of better solutions over time. E=0 focuses on:

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