What is Energiesprong?

Desirable, comfortable and affordable homes for everyone, for life. We are an independent market development team setting a new standard for comfortable, super energy efficient refurbishments (and new built solutions) with guaranteed performance. We also introduce a new financing approach and we work with governments to improve regulations for these solutions. This, to ensure people can get a home that not only fits our time, but is ready for our future.

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What is net zero energy?

Annualy, a Net Zero Energy house generates sufficient energy to heat the house, provide hot water and power its household appliances. A refurbishment comes with a 30-year performance warranty on both the indoor climate and the energy performance. Money normally spent on energy bills and maintenance work pays for the upgrade. This way, residents get a refreshed, warm and comfortable home at the same (or lower) cost of living.

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Energiesprong Countries

The latest

31 August 2017

Nottingham first to adopt revolutionary housing approach

Ten homes in Nottingham have been selected as part of a UK pilot to radically improve older houses using measure […]

27 July 2017

Energy plan needed for success of Net Zero Energy refurbishments

The E=0 project aims to scale net zero energy retrofits * in North West Europe. The E=0 project allows housing organisations to refurbish their housing stock […]

23 June 2017

Energiesprong UK is hiring!

This position will direct the work of the Energiesprong UK market development team of around 8 people, mainly working on two EU-funded projects – Transition Zero and E=0 […]

23 June 2017

Start-up Factory Zero develops Net Zero Energy modules and the orders start rolling in!

Factory Zero┬ádevelops, produces and delivers smart, complete Net Zero Energy systems, working […]

30 May 2017

30 Million to scale net zero energy market in the State of New York

Energiesprong has crossed the Atlantic and landed firmly in the United States of America […]

03 May 2017

Energiesprong Germany kicks off!

April 2017 marked the launch of the Energiesprong scaling into Germany. Based on results in The Netherlands, the Ministry of […]


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